Född 1874-09-02 i Sweden.
Död i USA.


Name:*August SwansonAge:*25Birth Date:*Sep 1874Birthplace:*SwedenHome in 1900:*Prentice, Price, WisconsinRace:*WhiteGender:*MaleImmigration Year:*1896-08-15 DetroitRelation to Head of House:*HeadMarital Status:*MarriedSpouse's Name:*Anna F SwansonMarriage Year:*1899Years Married:*1Father's Birthplace:*SwedenMother's Birthplace:*Sweden


Name:*August SwansonAge:*65Estimated birth year:*abt 1875Gender:*MaleRace:*WhiteBirthplace:*SwedenMarital Status:*MarriedRelation to Head of House:*HeadHome in 1940:*Superior, Douglas, WisconsinMap of Home in 1940:*View MapStreet:*58thHouse Number:*2002Farm:*NoInferred Residence in 1935:*Superior, Douglas, WisconsinResidence in 1935:*Same PlaceCitizenship:*NaturalizedSheet Number:*11ANumber of Household in Order of Visitation:*216Father's Birthplace:*SwedenMother's Birthplace:*SwedenOccupation:*LaborerHouse Owned or Rented:*RentedValue of Home or Monthly Rental if Rented:*17Attended School or College:*NoHighest Grade Completed:*Elementary school, 8th gradeDuration of Unemployment:*26Class of Worker:*Wage or salary worker in Government workWeeks Worked in 1939:*49Income:*60Income Other Sources:*NoNative Language:*BelgianVeteran:*YesSocial Security Number:*YesUsual Occupation:*LaborerUsual Industry:*WPAUsual Class of Worker:*Wage or salary worker in Government work

Gifte och barn

Gift 1899 i USA

Anna Fridolfa Englund - Swansson. Född 1882-08-20 i Nederluleå (BD).
Död i USA.

Gladys S Swansson. Född 1904 i USA.

Ernest Swansson. Född 1906 i USA.

Edna Swansson. Född 1907 i USA.

Edward A Swansson. Född 1910 i USA.

Theodore LeRon Swansson. Född 1911-05-22 i USA.
Död 1999-10-01 i USA.

Inez B Swansson. Född 1919-03-.. i USA.

Gladys Fridolpa Swansson - Rohrer. Född 1920-05-30 i USA.
Död 1997-09-18 i USA.

June Lillian Swansson - Martinson. Född 1922-07-27 i USA.
Död 2001-07-29 i USA.

Agnes Andrea Swansson.

August S Svensson - Swansson. Född 1874-09-02 i Sweden. Död i USA. f Sven Svensson.      

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