Born 1899-06-27 in Hiitola.
Died 1962-08-25.

Spouse(s) and children


Anna Maria Pekantytär Sunikka. Born 1901-05-25.
Died 1982-08-31.

Kirsti Kaarina .
Born 1928-08-27 in Hiitola.

Eemil Sunikka. Born 1899-06-27 in Hiitola. Died 1962-08-25. f Matti Matinpoika Sunikka. Born 1846-11-08 in Hiitola. Buried in Hiitola . ff Matti Matinpoika Sunikka. Born 1819-02-01 in Hiitola. Died 1891-03-09 in Hiitola.    
fm Helena Jaakontytär Sunikka. Born 1825-08-11 in Hiitola. Died 1904-07-09 in Hiitola.    
m Liisa Eskontytär Sunikka. Born 1868-02-03 in Hiitola. mf Esko JUhonpoika Hohtari. Born 1840-06-01 in Hiitola 18 . Died 1881-11-24.    
mm Maria Antintytär Hohtari. Born 1839-04-18 in Hiitola 17.    

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