Born 1746-01-14 in Katslösa (M). [No 7]
Died 1821-04-15 in Katslösa (M). [No 13]

Spouse(s) and children


Nils Person. Åbo.
Born 1737-10-10 in Katslösa (M).
Died 1817-10-24 in Katslösa (M). [No 13]

Boel Nilsdotter. Born 1773-09-29 in Katslösa (M).
Died 1856.

Anna Nilsdotter. Born 1776-02-06 in Katslösa (M).

Per Nilsson. Born 1777-11-30 in Katslösa (M).

Elna Nilsdotter. Born 1780-02-04 in Katslösa (M).
Died 1856-08-18 in Östra Vemmenhög (M).

Bereta Nilsdotter. Born 1781-09-15 in Katslösa (M).
Died 1844-03-21 in Västra Nöbbelöv (M).

Bengta Bengtsdotter. Born 1746-01-14 in Katslösa (M). [No 7] Died 1821-04-15 in Katslösa (M). [No 13] f Bengt Nilsson. Born 1714 in Katslösa (M). [Kadesjö] Died 1793-10-01 in Katslösa (M). [No 7] Kyrkvärd.
ff Nils Gillberg. Died 1725 in Katslösa (M). Soldat.
fm Kerstina Mårtensdotter. Born 1685. Died 1741-04-30 in Katslösa (M). [Kadesjö]    
m Elna Hansdotter. Born 1719-02-27 in Sjörup (M). [No 2] Died 1790-11-01 in Katslösa (M). [No 7] mf Hans Olsson. Born 1693. Died 1737-10-19 in Katslösa (M). Kyrkvärd.
mff Ola Hansson. Died 1716 in Sjörup (M).  
mfm Ingrid Olsdotter. Died 1728 in Katslösa (M).  
mm Elna Olsdotter. Born 1683-03-11 in Sjörup (M). Died 1757-03-11 in Katslösa (M). mmf Ola Kylling. Born 1640 in Sjörup (M). Died 1716 in Sjörup (M). [No 11] mmff Per Olofsson Kylling. Born 1620. Died 1686 in Sjörup (M).
mmfm Karen Andersdotter.
mmm Elsa Göransdotter. Born 1650. Died 1728-01-.. in Sjörup (M).  

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