, Maila

Maila .
Born 1944-05-07. Died 1945-02-27.
F Juho Edvard Kangas.
Born 1914-06-16. Died 1994-10-17.
M Aune Synnevi Kangas.
Born 1918-06-01. Died 2001-06-06.
MF Edvard Alajärvi.
Born 1877-01-08. Died 1948-12-21.
MFF Abram Pekanpoika Jaukkuri Alajärvi.
Born 1835-08-24 in Finland (Ylitornio Kauliranta). Died 1908-02-12 in Finland.
MFFF Per Persson Jaukkuri.
Born 1794-01-28 in Övertorneå (BD) (Tengeliö). Died 1864-10-03 in Finland (Ylitornio Kauliranta).
MFFM Brita Maria Salmonsdotter Keksi.
Born 1804-12-11 in Övertorneå (BD) (Juoksenki). Died 1884-03-16 in Finland (Ylitornio Kauliranta).
MFM Brita Greta Gärdström.
Born 1836-05-18 in Finland (Kantojärvi by). Died 1924-07-17 in Finland.
MFMF Karl Gustav Eriksson Gärdström.
Born 1801-02-10 in Övertorneå (BD) (Svanstein). Died 1857-06-16 in Övertorneå (BD) (Raanujärvi).
MFMM Brita Stina Persdotter Teurajärvi.
Born 1804 in Finland.
MM Tyyne Johanna Alajärvi.
Born 1891-04-30. Died 1965-03-31.
MMF Karl Gustav Tervahauta.
Born 1865-01-28. Died 1957-06-14.
MMM Greta Johanna Tervahauta.
Born 1861-01-08. Died 1942-04-11.

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