Kangas, Aune Synnevi

Aune Synnevi Kangas.
Born 1918-06-01. Died 2001-06-06.
F Edvard Alajärvi.
Born 1877-01-08. Died 1948-12-21.
FF Abram Pekanpoika Jaukkuri Alajärvi.
Born 1835-08-24 in Finland (Ylitornio Kauliranta). Died 1908-02-12 in Finland.
FFF Per Persson Jaukkuri.
Born 1794-01-28 in Övertorneå (BD) (Tengeliö). Died 1864-10-03 in Finland (Ylitornio Kauliranta).
FFFF Pehr Johansson Jaukkuri.
Born 1755-10-28 in Finland. Died 1818.
FFFM Helena Johansdotter Trast.
Born 1758. Died 1814.
FFM Brita Maria Salmonsdotter Keksi.
Born 1804-12-11 in Övertorneå (BD) (Juoksenki). Died 1884-03-16 in Finland (Ylitornio Kauliranta).
FFMF Salomon Andersson Keksi.
Born 1768-09-09 in Övertorneå (BD) (Marjosaari). Died 1839 in Finland (Ylitornio Marjosaari).
FFMM Katarina Johansdotter Trast.
Born 1784-12-22 in Övertorneå (BD) (Juoksenki).
FM Brita Greta Gärdström.
Born 1836-05-18 in Finland (Kantojärvi by). Died 1924-07-17 in Finland.
FMF Karl Gustav Eriksson Gärdström.
Born 1801-02-10 in Övertorneå (BD) (Svanstein). Died 1857-06-16 in Övertorneå (BD) (Raanujärvi).
FMFF Erik Eriksson Gertström.
Born 1767-05-21 in Pajala (BD) (Kengis).
FMFM Eva Larsdotter Vänkkö.
Born 1773 in Pajala (BD) (Kengis). Died 1812-09-12 in Pajala (BD) (Kengis).
FMM Brita Stina Persdotter Teurajärvi.
Born 1804 in Finland.
FMMF Per Mickelsson Teurajärvi.
Born 1761 in Finland (Kutaakko). Died 1820 in Finland (Kolari, Turtolan).
FMMM Maria Eriksdotter Kurtakko.
Born 1765 in Finland. Died 1828 in Finland (Kolari, Turtolan).
M Tyyne Johanna Alajärvi.
Born 1891-04-30. Died 1965-03-31.
MF Karl Gustav Tervahauta.
Born 1865-01-28. Died 1957-06-14.
MM Greta Johanna Tervahauta.
Born 1861-01-08. Died 1942-04-11.

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Juho Edvard Kangas

Maila .

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