Poutanen, Pekko

Pekko Poutanen.
Born 1830-10-10 in Finland (Poutala). Died 1869-04-01 in Finland (Parikkala).
F Matti Poutanen.
Born 1795-04-14 in Finland (Poutala, Parikkala). Died 1842-03-03 in Finland (Poutala, Parikkala).
FF Henrik Olofsson Poutain.
Born 1765 in Finland (Poutala 4, Parikkala). Died 1840-05-05 in Finland (Poutala 4, Parikkala).
FM Riita Joronen.
Born 1766-08-20 in Finland (Änkilä 18, Parikkala). Died 1809-04-01 in Finland (Poutala, Parikkala).
FMF Henrik Joroin.
Born 1733 in Finland (Änkilä, Parikkala). Died 1807 in Finland (Änkilä, Parikkala).
FMM Liisa Torikka.
Born 1735 in Finland (Kannansaari, Kurkijoki). Died 1789 in Finland (Änkilä 11, Parikkala).
FMMF Olof Torikka.
Born 1700 in Finland (Kannansaari, Kurkijoki). Died 1788 in Finland (Kannansaari, Kurkijoki).
FMMM Riitta Eerikäinen.
Born 1723-04-02 in Finland (Kilpola, Hiitola). Died 1757-01-11 in Finland (Kannansaari, Kurkijoki).
M Katri Terävä.
Born 1803-08-14 in Finland (Poutala, Parikkala). Died 1861-11-11 in Finland (Poutala, Parikkala).
MF Petter Terävä.
Born 1764 in Finland (Parikkala). Died 1837-10-12 in Finland (Poutala, Parikkala).
MFF Juhana Terävä.
Born 1718 in Finland. Died 1771-09-11 in Finland (Poutala, Parikkala).
MFFF Mauno Terävä.
Born 1686 in Finland.
MFFM Kaarina Utrianinen.
Born 1695 in Finland. Died 1771 in Finland (Lamminkylä, Parikkala).
MFM Elin Matikainen.
Born 1720 in Finland (Poutala, Parikkala). Died 1790-04-22 in Finland (Poutala, Parikkala).
MM Anna Poutanen.
Born 1773 in Finland (Poutala 4, Parikkala). Died 1828-09-29 in Finland (Poutala 6, Parikkala).
MMF Pavo Poutanen.
Born 1742 in Finland. Died 1791 in Finland (Änäjoki, Parikkala).
MMM Karin Litmain.
Born 1743 in Finland. Died 1821-03-18 in Finland (Poutala, Parikkala).

Relationships and children


Elina Terävä

Katarina Poutanen.

Elli Pekontytär .

Elli Poutanen.

Juhana Poutanen.

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