Pernu, Christina Johansdotter

Christina Johansdotter Pernu.
Born 1772-10-05 in Finland (Kuusamo).
F Johan Henriksson Pernu.
Born 1736 in Finland (Kuusamo Posio). Died 1790-07-22 in Finland (Kuusamo).
FF Heikki Göstasson Pernu Koppelojärvi.
Born 1689 in Finland (Kuusamo). Died 1782-07-21 in Finland (Kuusamo Posio).
FFF Gösta Simonsson Bersaan.
Born 1666 in Finland (Kuusamo). Died 1739-10-04 in Finland (Kuusamo Posio).
FFM Elsa Pernu?.
Born 1661 in Finland (Kuusamo Posio). Died 1755-01-25 in Finland (Kuusamo Posio).
FM Anna Pålsdotter Taivalkoski.
Born 1689 in Finland (Pudasjärvi). Died 1769-04-30 in Finland (Kuusamo Posio).
FMF Påhl Mattson Hiltunen Taivalkoski.
Born 1672-03-25 in Finland (Pudasjärvi Tyräjärvi Haarala). Died 1750-10-31 in Finland (Pudasjärvi Tyräjärvi Haarala).
FMFF Mats Matsson Hiltunen Taivalkoski.
Born 1632 in Finland (Pudasjärvi). Died 1705-07-16 in Finland (Pudasjärvi).
FMFM Karin Eskilsdotter Säckinen.
Died 1699-04-16 in Finland (Pudasjärvi Taivalkoski Kurkikylä).
FMM Elin Josefsdotter Mursu.
Born 1672-05-16 in Finland (Pudasjärvi Pohjois-Pohjanmaa). Died 1754-01-22 in Finland (Pudasjärvi Taivalkoski).
FMMF Josef Matsson Mursu.
Born 1640 in Finland (Pudasjärvi Mursu Kynsijärvi). Died 1715 in Finland (Karjalankylä, Ii, Oulun).
FMMM Karin Matsdotter Pelttari Mursu Pullkinen.
Born 1640 in Finland (Pudasjärvi). Died 1706 in Finland (Karjalankylä, Pulkinen, Ii, Oulun).
M Kirstin Olofsdotter Huovinen.
Born 1736-01-27 in Finland (Kuusamo). Died 1810-11-20 in Finland (Kuusamo Posio).
MF Olli Heikinpoika Mäntyjärvi.
Born 1690 in Finland (Kuusamo). Died 1780-03-04 in Finland.
MM Sigrid Lisaksdotter Kämäräinen.
Born 1704 in Finland. Died 1780-10-21 in Finland.

Relationships and children

Married 1801-04-05 in Finland (Kuusamo).

Petter Henriksson Jurmu

Henric Pehrsson Jurmu Ristilä.

Per Persson Ylikunnari Jurmu.

Pehr Pehrsson Koivuniemi.

Carin Pehrsdotter Ronkainen.

Magdalena Pekantytär .

Brita Kristina Pekantytär .

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