Jurmu, Petter Henriksson

Petter Henriksson Jurmu.
Born 1778-10-31 in Finland (Kuusamo Posio).
F Henrik Persson Jurmu.
Born 1750-06-08 in Finland.
FF Per Persson Jurmu.
Born 1720 in Finland (Kuusamo).
FFF Per Jurmu.
Born 1685 in Finland (Kuusamo). Died 1764 in Finland (Kuusamo).
FM Marget Andersdotter Karjalainen.
Born 1728 in Finland (Kuusamo). Died in Finland (Kuusamo).
M Magdalena Matsdotter Pätsi.
Born 1751-11-16 in Finland.
MF Mats Thomasson Pätsi.
Born 1717 in Finland. Died 1757-12-02 in Finland.
MM Brita Persdotter Sarvi.
Born 1720 in Finland. Died 1757-11-02 in Finland.

Relationships and children

Married 1801-04-05 in Finland (Kuusamo).

Christina Johansdotter Pernu

Henric Pehrsson Jurmu Ristilä.

Per Persson Ylikunnari Jurmu.

Pehr Pehrsson Koivuniemi.

Carin Pehrsdotter Ronkainen.

Magdalena Pekantytär .

Brita Kristina Pekantytär .

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