Karvonen, Anna Pålsdotter

Anna Pålsdotter Karvonen.
Born 1810-07-21 in Finland. Died 1865-12-10 in Finland (Lohujärvi by 13).
F Pål Sigfridsson Karvonen.
Born 1783-05-21 in Finland (Kuusamo). Died 1853-02-23 in Finland (Kuusamo).
FF Sigfrid Thomasson Karvonen.
Born 1750-12-17 in Finland (Jumisko, Posio, Kuusamo). Died 1811-02-25 in Finland (Jumisko, Posio, Kuusamo).
FFF Thomas Thomasson Karvonen.
Born 1722-07-22 in Finland (Korpi, Pudasjärvi). Died 1807-01-15 in Finland (Jumisko, Posio, Kuusamo).
FFM Margareta Sigfridsdotter Mursu.
Born 1731 in Finland (Posio, Kuusamo). Died 1793-04-18 in Finland (Jumisko, Posio, Kuusamo).
FFMF Sigfrid Johansson Mursu.
Born 1698 in Finland (Kuusamo Posio). Died 1781-11-03 in Finland (Kuusamo).
FFMM Anna Hansdotter Lämsä.
Born 1696 in Finland (Kuusamo Virranniemi). Died 1782 in Finland (Kuusamo Posio).
FM Sofia Andersdotter Haataja.
Born 1749-06-07 in Finland. Died 1795-06-11 in Finland (Kuusamo).
FMF Anders Thomasson Haataja.
Born 1717 in Finland. Died 1796-02-04 in Finland (Kuusamo).
FMM Karin Hansdotter Veteläinen.
Born 1722 in Finland. Died 1793-10-03 in Finland (Kuusamo).
M Maria Persdotter Karjalainen.
Born 1783-12-21 in Finland (Kuusamo Posio). Died 1858-01-06 in Finland (Kuusamo).
MF Per Andersson Ruokamo Karjalainen.
Born 1746-09-25 in Finland (Kuusamo).
MFF Anders Persson Ruokamo.
Born 1706 in Finland. Died 1757-03-21 in Finland (Kuusamo).
MFM Brita Määttä.
Born 1724 in Finland. Died 1783-11-24 in Finland (Kuusamo).
MM Anna Mattsdotter Kynsijärvi.
Born 1753-04-09 in Finland.
MMF Mattias Larsson Kynsijärvi.
Born 1722-04-18 in Finland (Pudasjärvi).
MMM Anna Olofsdotter Lehtolainen Karvonen.
Born 1729-06-28 in Finland.

Relationships and children

Married 1828-04-04 in Finland (Kuusamo).

Per Persson Ylikunnari Jurmu

Maria Stina Persdotter.

Anna Greta .

Johan Petter Koivuniemi.

Mathias Koivuniemi.


Pehr Pehrsson Koivuniemi

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