, Hilda Maria

Hilda Maria .
Born 1860-04-01 in Karlskrona stadsförsamling (K). Died 1862-09.. in Långasjö (H).
M Marta Stina Svensdotter.
Born 1831-06-19 in Långasjö (H) (Lida). Died 1891-04-10 in Vissefjärda (H) (Gusemåla 1).
MF Sven Jaensson.
Born 1782-12-01 in Linneryd (G). Died 1847-02-26 in Långasjö (H).
MM Helena Israelsdotter.
Born 1795-02-16 in Långasjö (H). Died 1855-04-22 in Långasjö (H) (Lida).

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