Glad, Per Eriksson

Per Eriksson Glad.
Born 1732-10-13 in Råneå (BD) (Böle 8). Died 1768-09-14 in Råneå (BD) (Vitån).
F Erik Mårtensson.
Born 1664 in Råneå (BD) (Böle). Died 1737 in Råneå (BD) (Böle).
M Karin Johansdotter.
Born 1703-11-07 in Råneå (BD) (Rånbyn). Died 1771-05-04 in Råneå (BD) (Strömsund).
MF Johan Nilsson.
Born 1664 in Råneå (BD) (Ranbyn 18 Sundet). Died 1710 in Råneå (BD) (Rånbyn).
MM Marita Larsdotter.
Born 1667 in Råneå (BD) (Niemisel). Died 1741-11-23 in Råneå (BD) (Rånbyn).
MMF Lars Eriksson Spegel.
Born about 1640 in Råneå (BD) (Niemisel 1). Died 1701-10-08 in Råneå (BD) (Niemisel).
MMFF Erik Israelsson Spegel.
Born 1623 in Råneå (BD) (Niemisel). Died 1704-03-16 in Råneå (BD) (Niemisel).
MMFM Cecilia Larsdotter.
Born 1616 in Råneå (BD) (Niemisel). Died 1697-11-11 in Råneå (BD) (Niemisel).
MMM Sissla Johansdotter.
Born 1638 in Råneå (BD) (Niemisel 2). Died 1708-06-01 in Råneå (BD) (Niemisel 1).

Relationships and children

Married in Råneå (BD).

Elisabeth Hansdotter

Married in Råneå (BD).


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