Born 1635.
Died in Övertorneå (BD). [Lovvika]

Spouse(s) and children


Erik Nilsson Lodvika. Born 1635 in Övertorneå (BD). [Lovvika]
Died 1702 in Övertorneå (BD). [Lautakoski]

Henrik Eriksson Lodvik. Born 1659 in Övertorneå (BD). [Lautakoski]
Died 1724-10-14 in Gällivare kbfd (BD). [Keinosuando]

Filip Ersson Lodvik - Lautakoski. Nämdeman.
Born 1677-03-01 in Pajala (BD). [Lautakoski]
Died 1734-01-14 in Pajala (BD). [Lautakoski]

Brita . Born 1635. Died in Övertorneå (BD). [Lovvika]        

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